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April 23, 2021
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Kitchen garden is a place where different types of vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown. You need a small piece of land for your kitchen garden. You can use your lawn as your kitchen garden. You need a small amount money through which you can buy seeds and different tools for gardening. You need a very low budget and small piece of land for this purpose. All you need to do is to purchase some seeds and a garden trowel to plant the seeds and a watering can. If you afford it you can also buy gloves to protect your hands.
Now comes the process of planting the seeds; the question is How to Plant a seed? Planting a seed is easy. All you need is sun, seeds, soil and water.
The Process
1st Step: Make a hole in the soil, this where your seed will go ;
2nd step: Drop the seed in to the soil;
3rd step: Cover it with the soil and water it.
And now make sure that it gets enough sunshine and water it regularly.
This is the process of planting seeds. You should set a fence on the sides of your garden for protection. If there is no threat like hens etc to harm your garden then there is no need of a fence. Tree branches can be used as a fence.
Nowadays vegetables bought from Market are basis of many diseases as they are grown with by using harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Watering is done through sewage discharge. Moreover, different types of chemicals are used to make them ripe early, which is very harmful for human health. So having your own garden to grow vegetables for your daily needs is very good. You can grow vegetables of your choice and there is no threat of any harm and disease because you have grown them in your own presence, watered them with fresh and clean water, and natural fertilizers. So they are risk free and good for your health. Nowadays the prices of vegetables are very high so you can get very cheap vegetables through kitchen gardening. You can also earn a handsome amount by selling these vegetables. You can sell the vegetables which are more than your need. You can give vegetables as gift to your friends and relatives. They will be a very good and healthy gift from you. You can also grow fruits in the garden. It will also keep you physically fit because working in gardens consumes energy by burning your calories. So don’t wait and start your kitchen garden.

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