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April 23, 2021
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Agriculture Marketing:-
Agriculture marketing is one of the most burning issues in all our world.  All agriculture activities like grading, storage, transportation, processing, availability credits, are including in marketing of agriculture. These activities are insufficient for the economy of every country.
Main Flaws Of Agriculture Marketing:-
An systematic and organized agriculture marketing is helpful for the farmer. Good marketing strategy is beneficial for small farmers and also stables the market prices. It involves interest of both producers and consumers. In under developing and underdeveloped countries the agriculture marketing is not well organized due to this farmer’s community especially small farmers face many problems to sell their products in market.
Here are the some problems which is faced by Agriculture Marketing.
1.Lack Of Transportation Facilities :-
Transportation facility is one of the big hurdles in agriculture marketing. It effects the efficiency of agriculture marketing. In most of the under developing countries roads are not connected with market that`s why products are not reached on time and become spoiled before reached at market. Due to lack of transportation a lot of agriculture products are wasted.
2.Poor Quality Of Products :-
In most of the countries farmer are illiterate  they don`t know new technologies regarding agriculture. Farmers of these countries is not using required and recommended fertilizer, hybrid seeds and pesticides, herbicides that`s why its production is low and products become priceless in market.
3.Role Of Middleman :-
Middleman is  the darker side of agriculture . Middleman takes a big piece of cake from farmer money without any effort. A poor farmer avail credits or other inputs from middleman in return he sell his products to him at low rates.
4. Lack Of Grading :-
Grading is one of the most important factor of marketing. In under developing countries like Pakistan and other Asian countries there is no any system of grading of products , that`s why their product cannot approach in international market and farmers of these countries become deprive day by day.
5. Lack Of Credit Facilities :-
Credit is the main tool of development . It is the basic need of the farmers specially the small farmers. In Pakistan or Asian countries it is very difficult to avail credits from bank or small microfinance banks. Poor farmers fulfill its requirement at tide conditions from middleman or borrows money on high interest rate
Problems Of Product Collection :-
It’s a era of technology also the era of  demand and supply . To meet this era we prepare our self with the requirement of international market. Selection and collection of products has a great important at this time. We should  move our self with multiple cropping rather then single trend or culture . It is very difficult and expensive to  produce a selective products  which is also a big hurdle of efficient marketing.

  1. Lack Of Storage Facilities  :-
    Storage facilities are the main requirement of producers and as well government for the betterment of agriculture sector. Farmers store its product for its suitable time. Government store agriculture products for maintain its supply and demand. Due to lack of storage facility a lot of grains and other agri products has damage.
    8. Weight Measures :-
    In most of the countries the weight and measurement of are differ from area to area that`s why famer bear a lot of loss at the time of  baying of its inputs and selling its products
  2. Market News :-
    In most of the under developing countries the technologies like print media and electronic media are not so much popular that`s why the farmers of these countries are not well aware about the actual price of his product.
    Following measures can be adopted to improve the agricultural marketing :
    1. Improved Transport Facilities  :-
    In agriculture marketing transport facility has great importance. Government should maintain proper roads and linked these roads with agri markets. If government provides these facilities then farmer sell its products directly to its consumers with its own hands and gain better profit.
  3. Increase Credit Facilities :-
    Credits facilities are the main core of agriculture . Government should arrange interest free loans for the farmers for its betterment. Although the commercial or private banks provide loan but its process is very long and charge high markup rate.
    3. Market Reforms   :-
    Market reform is the core requirement of agriculture sector . Government should maintain the system of Agriculture market where farmer sell its product according to its demand . Market management committee should be reorganized. Food inspectors check agri markets regularly  and hack out problems and maintain price rate of products.
    4. Explore New Market :-
    International market has a great potential to absorb agri products . Government should open the international market for export of agri products. Framers get lavish piece of cake at International market.
    5. Develop New Cold Storage :-
    Cold storage has a great importance in agri marketing . Government should build Cold storage and store agri products at low rate. Cold storage is helpful for availability of fruits and vegetables in off season.
  4. Develop New Research:-
    Without research no any department can flourish, it’s just like meal without salt . Government should develop research and development center where researcher prepare new varieties of agri products.

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